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What will my child do in a day?
​7:00am - 9:00am: Morning pre-session activities

Home room settling activities - Care of the fish, set up of classroom environments and activities.

Outside classroom  – Care of the animals, care of the garden, sand play, physical challenge activities set up.

9:00am - 12:00pm: Montessori 3 hour work cycle - inside and outside classrooms​


9.00 - Whole centre gathering "Kippa" time to advise children of the added activities and to ask if there are any activity the children would like see added.

​Each child then will have self-directed learning time to develop their skills and follow their interests with specialised teaching equipment. The areas that are prepared for the children daily to choose from-

  • Practical life - self-help skills, cooking, gardening, care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy.

  • Sensorial - touch, taste, smell and listening activities that incorporate- colours, shapes, length.

  • Cultural Arts - free expression activities such as art, music and dance.

  • Culture Science - the study of plants, animals, people, science and the world.

  • Numeracy - with the use of hands on equipment children will have the opportunity to learn their numbers 1- 10 and further.

  • Literacy - children will be given the opportunity to develop letter and sound awareness, then taught how to blend letters to make words. The basics of grammar are also shown when the child is interested.

  • Technology - children will have access to computers to learn more about subject areas of interest and to refine their skills.

  • French - children learn a second language by hands on experiences and immersion styles of teaching.

  • Outside environment- dependent on the day can include physical challenges, gardening, sand play, dramatic role play, art and music experiences, science experiments, numeracy and literacy.


Morning Tea is progressive and occurs from 10am-11am as required for individual children.


Small group music, dance, story, cross patterning and relaxation sessions occur as requested during the 3 hour work cycle.

12:00pm - 2:30pm 

12:00pm - Children sit at tables for lunch, which they have set during the Montessori time.

12:30pm - Relaxation time. Children will be taught many ways to relax their bodies after a busy morning of learning.

1:00pm - Children will have the opportunity to have story time, dramatic play time or music time. They may also continue on with their self-directed learning activities.


​2:30pm - 6:00pm

Afternoon Session- Inside/outside – The children will be given many opportunities to choose inside activities such as group cooking, craft, role play dress-ups and construction. Outside activities include care of the animals, care of the garden, bike riding, sand play, music and movement, water play and mud play. 

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