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Karinya Montessori Reconciliation Action 

Karinya Montessori Children’s House recognises and respects the traditional custodians of Australia. The importance of continuously developing and refining strategies to improve the connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities in the area of early childhood is embedded throughout the everyday at Karinya , the Montessori philosophy and Karinya Montessori children’s House teaching and learning guidelines. 

Statement 1 
All children engage in culturally inclusive and safe early childhood education and care experiences.
Statement 2 
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures are recognised within the broader Karinya Montessori culture. 
Statement 3
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives and contexts are considered by all staff within Karinya Montessori.
Statement 4
All Karinya Montessori staff have access to training in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander understandings.
Statement 5 
Increase Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment and career prospects across Karinya Montessori.
Statement 6
Embed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives throughout the Karinya Montessori teaching. 

Adapted from the C& K Reconciliation Action Plan- (20.2.13)

Revised by Karinya Montessori Gubbi- Gubbi Cultural Adviser.

Christine Stuart
Bulu Yabun
Ph:  0452302225

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